Yasir Syed

Yasir Syed
Founder of the foundation Culture Clash4U


Founder and director of the foundation Culture Clash4U- The Netherlands

These days are not just about thinking outside the box, are about re-designing that same box entirely. Yasir Syed is someone who loves to build an environment and ethos where the very best ideas can be born and thrive, and he likes fill that environment with the brightest talent around him. The exciting part is that this environment is never completely built, never fully finished. The same applies for his role. It’s always changing, just as the world around him is.

Roughly eleven years ago he started with the foundation ‘Culture Clash4U (CC4U)’ with the goal to bring youth from different backgrounds & cultures in the Netherlands together and with them work on solving issues regarding youth like youth unemployment, discrimination against minorities, talent development for underprivileged youth, social entrepreneurship & circular economy and others. He did that by organizing cross cultural dialogues, organizing events, making films and theatre, organizing awareness campaigns, developing trainings and workshops etc. Now CC4u is one of the biggest youth foundations in the Netherlands with more than 75 volunteers between the age of 18 & 30, 25 freelancers and thousands of followers online and offline.

During the Peace Summit, Yasir will deliver workshops on Positive Leadership.

The workshop will focus on the set of skills a future leader must have in order to help themselves and others to do the right things, set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new.