Yana Yaneva

Yana Yaneva
Self-Empowerment and art of creating your own life


Yana Yaneva comes from Sofia, Bulgaria.

She has studied Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communications and recently has started a masters in Psychology. Yana started her career in the corporate sector, yet she soon realized this area was not her true calling and decided to take active steps to transform her life. As meditation and mindfulness helped her find her inner power and self-love again, she has been actively trying to pay that forward. She is now teaching people to re-establish the long-lost connection with their true self and help them to understand who they are, what they want and how to unleash their true potential.

Nowadays, Yana divides her time between her art gallery, working on different art projects and teaching meditation, mindfulness and peace building. Yana is an active and passionate inner peace trainer and contributes to Peace Revolution as a trainer, retreat manager and mentoring coach.

Yana will give a workshop on self-empowerment and the art of creating your own life. It will help participants to get a better awareness and understanding of their self-talk and self-sabotage patterns and how our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. It will help participants to understand how to tap into their mind power and unleash their inner strength and potential .