Vesna Laković

Vesna Laković
Education Coordinator at Familylab Serbia


Mindfulness trainer and Education Coordinator at Familylab Serbia

Vesna holds BA degree in Pedagogy and MA in Management in Education. She is an international Mindfulness trainer and currently in the process of becoming an international Mindfulness trainer for children and adolescents. In the past 10 years she has been actively involved in the work with adults, adolescents and children in the areas of mental health, personal development and non-formal education as a trainer, coordinator, activists and a volunteer in various NGOs on national and international level.

In 2015 she has established a project called ‘Mindfulness corner’ which has as main idea the promotion of Mindfulness as a way of living in the present moment, being aware and conscious of ourselves and relationships with others. She has created various programs about Emotions, Self-compassion and Mindfulness, Mindful Leadership, Concentration and Awareness, Mindful parenting and Mindfulness for teenagers. She has been actively working on cooperation with schools and kindergartens across her country in order to lead and promote Mindfulness programs for children and adolescents.

Recently, together with her sister, Vesna has established Familylab Serbia- national branch of the international association Familylab- , which works with families, teachers, companies and institutions in order to support, advise and promote values of authenticity, dignity, respect and responsibility regarding relationships between children and adults as well as human relationships in general.

During the Peace Summit, Vesna will be leading workshops on ‘Embracing difficult emotions with mindfulness’.

The aim of the workshop is to help participants recognize, understand and accept their different emotions, especially the unpleasant ones. Together, we will learn how  to become aware of them and realize their function in order not to stay attached and controlled by these unpleasant emotions in our lives. We will practice our self-compassion, awareness with mindfulness meditations and different practices which will  allow us to observe ourselves in a kind and non judgmental way. By being more kind, emphatic in relationship with ourselves and wonderful world of our own emotions, we will be even kinder and more compassionate with others as well.