Neil Malilwe

Neil Malilwe



Neil Nsama Malilwe is a proud Zambian who is passionate about Computer and Web Technology, Football, Motorsport, (Especially rallying and Formula 1), cultures and general knowledge among other things.

Neil has a keen interest in youth affairs that promote participation, youth cultural unionization, ideas exchange and social globalization.

He believes and supports that every individual should be given the right tools and a fair chance to make something out of themselves and contribute positively to their personal growth and society regardless of their background, upbringing, religious affiliation, social status, sexual orientation, economic challenges and all attributes often negatively profiled on them by others.

Neil supports the philosophy of pluralism in culture and religion and the concept of the Peace Revolutions Peace In, Peace Out (PIPO) as a needed principle to achieve a more content life and to avoid conflicts of any sort.

Neil also strongly feels that individuals should not only be judged or awarded by merit alone but also by the content of their substance and character.