Marija Sotirov

Marija Sotirov

Commutations Assistant


Peace Coach at Peace Revolution project, Journalist, Art manager, Painter, Scenarist, Peace and Environmental Activist.

Marija is a Peace Coach and a volunteer in Communications at World Peace Initiative Foundation. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Art Management and Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. She is currently pursuing another Bachelor’s degree in History of Art and Master’s degree in Terrorism, Organized Crime and Security. She speaks Serbian, English, French, Spanish and a language of Nature.

In Belgrade, her hometown, Marija worked at Radio-Television Serbia, in National museum, in Ministry of Finance and in the Forum for European Journalism Students. In Cairo, she worked in Travel Agency and on the project of Linguistic World Minorities. She is a former sport-representative of Serbia in Orienteering at the World Championship, a Scenarist and an awarded Theater Actress, a professional Painter,  a Sword-player and a belly-dancer.

Marija believes in the World Peace and adores Peace Revolution PIPO (Peace In Peace Out) concept. Since high school, she was fighting for Human Rights through various organizations during the war in Serbia; later she was involved in Students’ Protest fighting for Students’ Rights; in the past years as a nature-lover she has been fighting against global warming, for preserving natural beauties, finding shelters for homeless dogs, and she is active in saving her country from the consequences of floods. She produces organic fruits and vegetables in her own garden.

When she started meditating nearly two years ago, she finally found her own Inner Peace and she is very proud of that. Her goal is to spread a word about Meditation and Loving Kindness; and to help people become happier through finding their own Inner Peace.