Julene Siddique

Julene Siddique
Therapist and Independent Researcher


Julene Siddique is a Composer, Therapist and Independent Researcher with a deep knowledge and love for sound and it’s multi-faceted range of benefits. She has an MMus in Composition, and MA in Music and Development, which includes music in social movements and conflict transformation.

She has also researched community music therapy and is certified in ‘art therapy for trauma related disorders’ with which she also integrates quantum devices for quantum integrated therapies in specific contexts.

The workshop Julene will be leading at the Peace Summit is called “Unravelling your fears and transforming conflict: Experiencing Creative Transformation” and will focus on understanding how trauma and intergenerational trauma are held in the body and how psychosomatic therapies can release this and help you and others re-imagine and transform.