Branislav Trudić

Branislav Trudić

Coordinator of programmes in Youth Work, Somborski Edukativni Centar (SEC), Serbia

Member of Council for Ethical Questions, National Association of Youth Workers of Serbia (NAPOR)


Branislav is an experienced youth worker and activist, with almost 9 years of engagement in civil society organizations in Serbia. He is a proud member of the Council for ethical questions of NAPOR and Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, Council of Europe, where he is giving active, mostly voluntary based contribution through project development, youth work activities, consultancy, coaching, mentoring and policy making.

Currently, Branislav is a licensed trainer for the 4th educational module on Leadership and activism in youth work for NAPOR, and trainer for human rights education on National training for human rights educators’ programme of Council of Europe and SEC. He designed and implemented developmental programmes for youth leaders and youth workers in Novi Sad, Sombor, Bečej, Temerin and Belgrade in past. Branislav was involved in around 30 projects and developmental programmes, hosted by many different local, national and international organizations, where he held different roles:  from youth worker and trainer to consultant for strategic planning and project manager.

He has broad experience in working on developmental programmes aimed for young people, youth leaders and volunteers in mentioned communities, preparing them for community youth work and activism. Branislav also delivered different projects and programmes in social and peacebuilding education in Serbia, for different intercultural groups of young people in period 2008-2015.

He is passionate to explore youth work concepts, to discuss them, to possibly define its community authenticities with group with whom he is going to work.

During the Peace Summit, Branislav will be leading workshops on ‘Youth Work Based on Peacebuilding Education – Mechanism for Community Development’.

During this workshop, participants will have possibility to explore different aspects and types of youth work in different communities with Branislav and among each-other, and exchange visions of possible educational peacebuilding activities which will lead to community development.

During the workshop, participants will learn about concrete ways regarding how to organize educational and ethical peacebuilding activities in local communities by, with and for young people. In this way, participants will also learn how to plan responsible developmental non-formal education of their target groups in order to achieve sustainable peace.