Agnija Kazuša

Agnija Kazuša

Communications Assistant 


Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative Foundation, Blogger, Writer, Peace Activist.

Agnija is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer, and a published author of the novels “Bruno” and “Three Cups of Egypt”. She grew up in the family of farmers producing and selling organic vegetables and fruits. Having gained a Master’s degree in Communication Science, she spent three years teaching English in Egypt, Latvia, Morocco, India and China. In 2015, she became actively involved in the World Peace Initiative Foundation. Since then she has taught meditation to more than 700 people in Serbia, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal and Spain where she spent a year as a European Voluntary Service volunteer.

Agnija is keen on exploring the potential of the mind and loves to inspire others on their journey to inner peace, through sharing loving kindness and her stories:

I was a lost soul in India, sometimes homeless, sometimes making money as a cheerleader in Celebrity Cricket League, sometimes acting in Bollywood movies, yet always wondering about the meaning of life. That’s when I joined the Peace Revolution Fellowship in Thailand that made me fall in love with my life like never before thanks to a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. Now as a Peace Architect, I bring meditation to wherever I go.